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Setting up a buying office in Hong Kong

Settings up a buying office in Hong Kong to export Chinese made goods are common among worldwide entrepreneurs.

It can be done by either

    Registering overseas company as a branch office.
      • Registering existing overseas company and establishing it's representativeoffice in Hong Kong. It does nothave separate legal status of it's business operation in Hong Kong andoverseas company is liable for any debt occur by it's representative office.
      Incorporating new Hong Kong limited company.
        • Incorporating new Hong Kong limited company does have separate legalstatus from its shareholders. An overseas company solely may hold allthe shares in the Hong Kong company to limited its liability.

      Benefits of Incorporating new Hong Kong Limited Company

        Double taxation avoidance
          • Hong Kong government has signed 22 double taxation avoidancetreaties, 12 of them are in force to reduce tax liabilities in business. Besides, there are many advantages, such offshore tax exempt fortrading related activities for Hong Kong incorporated company. Whenstepping towards to tap the china market, it is the main choice ofentrepreneurs to incorporate Hong Kong Company then its representativeoffice (RO) in China to liaison with supplier and source new products to export overseas.
          Bank loans
            • Banks in Hong Kong provides great deal of assistance forfinancing trading business activities for Hong Kong Companies such short-terms loans and these short-term loan products include overdraft, revolvingloans, import/export loans, etc.
              • Hong Kong government also provides assistance for import/exportbusiness such as export credit insurance. It is insurance of shipmentsagainst damage, theft and loss and provides protection for exporteragainst non-payment by buyer of Hong Kong Company.

            There are very few products that required an export and import license. Click here to see

            We provide full support for setting up a buying in Hong Kong and China. Please contact us for further details.
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