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  China Representative Office 

We provide incorporation services for Hong Kong limited company and it's representative office (RO) in China to tap into opportunities.

Hong Kong's business entities are the door to opportunities in China. Many entrepreneurs prefer to form a Hong Kong company as it does not require any minimum capital and shares can be in any currency at any nominal value and facilities offer by CEPA to Hong Kong companies. It is the easiest and most efficient way to scale China market by setting up a representative office of a Hong Kong company in China.

  Partnership and Sole proprietorship are not allowed to set up a RO in China.

It will take around a month to set up a RO in China and it may useful for those companies involved in CEPA related activities.

Those companies not involved in CEPA related activities. :-

  (e.g.) A company is buying goods from china andwants its staff to be stationed in china for inspection of goods,quality control and sourcing new suppliers.
  (e.g.) A company is selling goods to china andwants to assist local buyer (its agent) in marketing its product intochina market, research to improve its goods for China market.
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