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  What is Hong Kong Limited Company (LLC)?
Key points:
    It is a separate legal personality
    It has limited liability for its members

    Need at least one natural person to act as director of any nationality and domicile.

    Need at least 1 shareholder of any nationality and domicile.

    The shareholder may be either an individual or a corporate body.

    A sole shareholder can appoint himself director for the same company.

    100% foreign shareholders allowed.

    No minimum authorized capital required.

    Share can be in any nominal value, any currency.
A Hong Kong limited company has an independent legal status from its members who control it. The company has all the powers as a living person. The creditors who make a contract with a company does not contract with its shareholders. In the case of breach of contract, creditors may therefore not sue shareholders for payment; they sue the company.

Shareholders generally have no liability to creditors beyond the sum they have paid for shares in the company. Shareholders are therefore described as having limited liability. A Hong Kong company may have a sole shareholder of any nationality and resident of any country. A sole shareholder can appoint himself as director of the company. Nominee shareholders are permitted and anonymity can be achieved by the use of an offshore company.
Although, the Hong Kong law permits a corporate body to act as a director. But a company must have at least one natural person as its director. A sole shareholder may appoint himself as director. Director can be of any nationality and resident of any country. The details of directors such as HKID card no. / Passport no.  and the name of issuing country of the passport will be available in public records.
Company Secretary
 Hong Kong statutory requirement is that a company must have a company secretary who resides in Hong Kong. The sole director cannot be the secretary of the same company. We at, Templegate provides secretarial services to meet these legal requirements.
Share Capital
Separate classes of shares with different rights to dividends are permitted, subject only to any restrictions in the company's Articles of Association. There is no statutory requirement for minimum authorized capital required and no par value shares are allowed.
Objects of Company
There is no statutory requirement to mention the objects of the company. The company has the capacity and rights of a natural person.
Location of Hong Kong Company
A Hong Kong company must have a Hong Kong-registered address for legal services. The postal box is not permitted as a company address. We at, Templegate will provide you service to use our office as your register office. Furthermore, you may elect to choose additional virtual office package to conduct your business from home or overseas.

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