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How to set up import and export business in Hong Kong

It is very easy to do trade in Hong Kong and it is known that Hong Kong is the top trading hub in Asia and most efficient way to conduct business in the world. In addition, we will be delighted to provide you full support and assistant in running your business in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong is free port, it does not impose any custom duty for import or export of goods, except liquors drink more 30% of alcohol strength, tobacco, methyl alcohol and hydrocarbon oil.

Only the dutiable goods required to do two things, pay custom duty and need to obtain license to import or export. Besides, dutiable goods also need license to store in warehouse and license to manufacture in Hong Kong and permit to remove from the warehouse. See below Table 2  "License required for dutiable goods"

There are some non-dutiable goods required to obtain license to import or export. see below "License required for non-dutiable goods"

Note: Duty and License are two different matters relating to some goods.
1. Duty
      Pay customer duty to import or export
2. License
        License to import or export
      License to store in warehouse
      License to manufacture

Table 1
Dutiable goods
  Liquor goods
 Any liquor with more than 30% alcoholic strength. e.g. Whisky, Vodka, Rum
Any Liquor drink with below 30% alcoholic strength
Wine , Beer (below 30% alcohol strength)
Tobacco Goods
For each lot of 1000 cigarettes
HK$2,197 / kg
Chinese prepared tobacco
All other manufactured tobacco except tobacco intended for the manufacture of cigarettes
HK$2,067 / kg
After paying duty, need license to store, permit to remove from warehouse
Table 2
License required for dutiable goods e.g. whisky or vodka
To Import & Export
Any dutiable goods
 required to remove
To store in warehouse
Any dutiable goods
required to remove
To Manufacture
Any dutiable goods
required to remove
Table 3
License required for non-dutiable goods for Import or Export
Frozen food products
Rough Diamonds
Textile (some are exempted for licenses)
Strategic Products (army/military related)
Radio transmission equipment
Hazardous chemicals
Radioactive substances and irradiating apparatus
Pharmaceutical products, medicines and dangerous drugs
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