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  Hong Kong Statutory Search Services

We provide statutory search services to mitigate the risk that assists for the evaluation of supplier 
reliability, customer creditworthiness, ascertainment of an associate’s legal capacity and monitoring of competitors. Periodic use of such search can help you better manage your business risks; incorporating it into your marketing strategy can positively impact profitability.

Intelligence generated by the statutory search is equally useful to professionals, agents and various service providers in protecting your clients’ interests as well as your own.

  Statutory Searches - Hong Kong - On Hong Kong Companies and Individuals

    Records and Information from - Companies Registry; Business Registration Office; Land Registry; other government departments and official bodies.

      Other Search Services – Hong Kong

    Incorporated Owners; Occupation Permit; Marriage / Birth/ Death Certificate; Vehicle Particulars etc.

      Credit ReportsOn Companies and Individuals World Wide

      Compiled from a very wide range of sources including interviews; statutory filings; investigators; shipping documents; media; litigation records; tax authorities; bank and credit agencies; government and census data; business and market research reports.
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      Statutory Search

             Hong Kong company

              Hong Kong Individual
                Incorporated Owners
                  Occupation permit
                    Marriage certificate
                      Death certificate
                        Birth certificate
                          Vehicle particulars
                           Worldwide credit reports
                              Trading credit
                                Bank credit
                                Overdraft facilities
                                  Insurance Fraud
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